Meet the Owner

Introducing the Leader of the Team

Christianne Deshields
Owner of Cleaning for Life LLC

I began cleaning in our community in October of 2016. At first, I only serviced commercial accounts, but when Covid hit our community, I pivoted into cleaning homes.

During this time, my team and I found pride in cleaning and sanitizing homes and being a friendly face during a time of fear and isolation. We met clients with more than a mop and bucket. My team and I brought smiles, laughs, hugs, and a listening ear.

With a strong connection to our community, I now cultivate a team that doesn’t just clean, but takes time to show care and compassion to every client.

It’s my vision to provide support to families in the area by cleaning their homes so that they can focus on their daily lives and look at their homes with a sign of satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing and supporting Cleaning Life’s vision to bring joy to each home or office that we service.

Have a sparkling day!

— Christianne Deshields

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